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We have found ourselves together on the long road towards putting an end to systemic racism and violence against black people. Some of us have been walking this road a long time, others may have just joined in. We are walking this road with you. We are marching and protesting with you. 

And we are listening and learning. Our album Devastator was set to come out on June 19th. It falls on a Friday, which is when most new music is released. However, since this day is also Juneteenth - the holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery in America - recognizing this holiday through activism is more important to us than “record release day.” To be fair to everyone who pre-ordered a physical copy of our LP, we are instead, releasing Devastator a day early on the 18th of June. We would prefer not to take even one minute of focus away from this worldwide campaign against violence and systemic racism.However, the album must come out.


Here’s how we would like to contribute to the cause: We have set up our site with a donation button. We will be focusing on multiple charities we feel are important, starting with Color of Change (@colorofchange). Phantom Planet will match all donations up to $10,000. If you have any amount to give, please do. We will double it. You can donate through the button on the left. Make sure to send us a screenshot of your receipt here

We stand in solidarity with the African-American community, and everyone learning all they can to fight properly for this cause. We fight for a better future. Black Lives Matter.